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Blockchain Improves Transparency and Establishes Trust

By enabling users to send and receive records securely and transparently, blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we share data and conduct business. Its inherent features (peer to peer transactions, integrity via consensus, distributed ledger and cryptographic transactions) can help your organization streamline processes and create new business models with greater value. Blockchain is a potential game changer for any industry. At its core, it’s a shared, secure ledger of transactions distributed among a network of computers, rather a single provider, and it allows digital information to be distributed but without being tampered.

Use cases for blockchain capabilities include payments, smart contracts, identity management and asset management. As an early adopter of blockchain innovation, NTT DATA is uniquely positioned to deliver pioneering advisory and strategy services, as well as practical design, delivery and integration solutions. Our digital business experts can help you prepare and integrate blockchain with other technologies. We can also develop unique solutions for your specific needs and deliver infrastructure and platform support with our deep understanding of specific industries and technology platforms.

Blockchain is the technology most likely to disrupt and transform society, says NTT DATA Public Sector CTO Shamlan Siddiqi. Find out why.


Blockchain Leadership Defined

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We offer global blockchain expertise and cross-industry, cross-platform experience backed by solution accelerators and a strong partner ecosystem.

Our Services

Advisory & Strategy

We utilize advisory services, combined with design thinking workshops, to help you understand the full potential of blockchain and define your business strategy.


Identify, assess, develop and implement comprehensive business use cases that include security, privacy, training, adoption and platform requirements.


Integrate blockchain with internal and external services including cloud, front and back-end systems, payment gateways and notarization services.

We Are Blockchain Front Runners

NTT DATA is a member of blockchain-focused consortiums, including Hyperledger, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, R3 Corda and Ripple. Put our expertise to work for you.