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Mobile Application Security

Protect your mobile applications from security threats

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Learn to apply secure practices across your mobile environment, protecting critical data and saving time and money.

For mobile applications, security threats lurk around every corner — from poor application coding and weak data encryption to unsecure web gateways or a lost smartphone. We can help you safeguard your mobile users against malware, spam, phishing and other attacks.  We help you stay in compliance with industry security standards, including HIPAA, PHI, PCI and more

We show you how to implement two-factor authentication and help you encrypt critical data at rest on mobile devices.

Ensure that your mobile applications meet data security and compliance requirements

Mobile Application Security services build robust security standards into the application development lifecycle. By applying security checkpoints, you can build a strong, proactive security framework.

Make your applications and environments trustworthy

 Apply secure practices across your mobile environment to stay in compliance with industry security standards. Implement security practices such as two-factor authentication, using advanced techniques (retina/fingerprint scans) and encryption to protect data at rest on mobile devices.

Protect sensitive data and valuable information