Mobile Application Management

Simplify management of mobile apps on company-issued and personal devices

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Manage applications for multiple devices

Manage, distribute and secure mobile apps across any device

Mobile applications are essential to support business objectives, but app management can place onerous burdens on IT. Application use across such a broad range of company-issued and personal devices creates significant challenges to delivering and administering enterprise software to end users.

Maintain security while implementing dynamic policies

Deploy and manage mobile applications quickly, easily and securely

Mobile Application Management from NTT DATA helps you secure, deploy and manage your mobile applications with ease, while maintaining dynamic policies that don’t inhibit app usage. A strong mobile application management strategy can make mobile devices more useful for your workforce.

Set up a private app store for the enterprise and update existing mobile applications within a web-based console.

NTT DATA can help you can set up a private app store for your enterprise, and publish or update mobile applications directly within a web-based console.

Deploy and manage mobile applications quickly, easily and securely