Social Intelligence

Capture the extensive data and analytics needed to make informed decisions

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Receive an end-to-end consultation on the design of physical space and screens, data utilization and team involvement.

Monitor, respond to and synthesize data to create meaningful insights

Social media data is essential to your business but inherently difficult to manage. The is constantly growing and changing, it derives from numerous unstructured sources, and it is governed by privacy norms. To gain 360-degree insights about your customers, you also must integrate social data with other sources such as customer emails and call center records.

Engage and react to historical, active, real-time and on-demand listening.

Ensure your social media efforts are producing desired results

NTT DATA’s Social Media Insights gives you the power to leverage social data and better understand your customers. You achieve positive business outcomes by mining volumes of data and deciphering statistical analysis to reveal patterns and trends and predict behaviors.

Know what resonates with your customers through social profiling and targeting, social hubs, predictive models and business process integration.

Measure your progress through a social measurement framework. We can help you: 

  • Analyze customer conversations in social media to derive actionable insights
  • Predict business outcomes by leveraging social data
  • Visualize social insights for quick decision making
  • Integrate social with internal business processes
  • Enable personalized engagement with your customers
  • Ensure social media efforts are producing desired results

Understand your customers and what they expect