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Making the Case for Customer-Centric Transformation

Customer interactions can occur anywhere, at any time. And today’s customer expects a frictionless experience — without long hold times, repetitive questions or inconsistent processes. That’s why successful organizations are focused on removing friction from the customer experience — enabling their customers, employees and partners to quickly and easily accomplish their goals. We help improve customer experience by identifying the source and extent of your customer’s friction, and then creating a business and technology roadmap for improvement.

As part of our digital business portfolio, Our Customer Friction Factor℠ Assessment service is fast and comprehensive. You quickly see how your challenges compare to the industry and get actionable steps to improve customer experience with quantifiable value to your business. We take a broad view of the customer and look at transactions, which can occur online, over the phone, or in person, and tailor the analysis to your specific industry and target demographics.

Pinpoint, measure and mitigate customer friction wherever it hides within your customers’ experience — online, in store or over the phone.

Key Benefits

Our Customer Friction Factor solution identifies customer experience challenges and gives you clear insight into improvements.

Offering Details

Our Customer Friction Factor services give you an outside-in understanding of any aspect of interaction that has a negative impact on the customers, employees or partners conducting business with your organization. That includes customer goals, causes of friction and a proactive evaluation

of how you’re doing. We can help you identify the root causes of customer friction, plot a roadmap and prioritize initiatives that will deliver the greatest improvements in customer experience, showing you a 360-degre customer journey, improvement opportunities and benchmarking tools.

And you will find and fix high-friction areas to deliver the type of pain-free service that delights customers while reducing internal costs. Ultimately, you will surpass customer expectations and deliver a positive, pain-free experience that keeps people coming back.

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Uncovering Medicare Advantage Friction Factors

In today’s competitive landscape, baby boomers are driving excellence in the health plan shopping experience. An eye-opening report by NTT DATA Services looks at the friction factors those consumers experienced while comparing and shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan.

We looked at 46 plans and graded each, based on ease of shopping and customer frustration. Learn more about disparities and see how your plan fared.