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Scalable, secure, flexible, reliable and manageable 

Today’s rapidly changing IT environment, implementing network solutions can be challenging as enterprise networks continue to evolve with the emergence of new technologies.

Our capabilities

NTT DATA Services helps create a highly available and secure network environment that supports your growth while accommodating the convergence of voice and data systems and network traffic. We design, plan and implement cost-effective networks. Our solutions transform and optimize your network to realize measurable performance improvements and increased service levels — with substantial cost savings. Our consulting services enable you to:

  • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Increase IT efficiency and agility

A Challenger in Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing & Infrastructure Utility Services, North America, Gartner, Inc.

Technology Leadership Recognized by Gartner

The 19 providers in North America deliver DCO/IUS worth more than $16 billion in annual revenue. Gartner assesses them and their offerings for execution and strategic vision.

Technology Leadership Recognized by Everest Group

The Market Trends and PEAK Matrix™ Assessment, Everest Group analyzes leading service provider and provides insights into services vision, delivery capabilities, scale of operations and domain investments. 

Technology Leadership Recognized by Forrester

Forrester identified 16 significant hosted private cloud solution providers and analyzed how well each vendor fulfills enterprise customer requirements to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros select the right partner.

Rated as a Strong Performer Among Hosted Private Cloud Solutions Providers in Forrester Wave™ 

Our solutions:

Network Assessment
Understand the impact of a new technology before it comes onto your network and your people start calling with performance issues.
  • Lync network readiness: Set proper expectations of the communication experience offered through Microsoft Lync
  • Cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) network readiness: * Ensure your network is ready for cloud and/or VDI, and offers guidance on migrating applications and data to a private or public cloud infrastructure
  • IPv6 network readiness: Assess your current network infrastructure and explores your strategic and architectural options for transitioning to this next-generation protocol
Network Modernization
Build out and test your new network infrastructure to provide an end-to-end comprehensive suite of services that support and transform your network.
  • Network architectural consulting and design: Reviews where you are and what you have to work with, and provides independent and cost-effective solutions for the growth of your network
  • Data center networking: Ensures your data center is designed and built to enable high availability and high performance
Develops secure networks and network management practices that adhere to industry best practices. Get started now.
  • Best/critical practices assessment: Analyzes your network to ensure your operations are in compliance with industry best practices and critical practices
  • Network security architectural assessment: Reviews your security requirements, operational practices and security architecture, and then analyzes your firewall rule sets. This provides a prioritized list of focus areas to enhance your network’s security
  • Network security architectural design and planning: Designs a secure and cost-effective solution for your organization. We review the design with you and discuss options to develop the right network for your needs
  • Virtual private network (VPN) services: Assesses your requirements and develops the right VPN solution for your needs
Wireless and IP Telephony
Creates a wireless network that provides scalable bandwidth, secure access, flexibility, 24x7 reliability and manageability. Start the conversation today.
  • Wireless site surveys: Determines/troubleshoots optimum access point count, location, power levels and radio frequency coverage required for effective wireless networking
  • Wireless design and implementation: Provides detailed wireless engineering, including wireless controllers, access points and standards required to authenticate and secure the network, while allowing users appropriate access
  • IP telephony assessment, design and implementation: Reduces circuit costs and toll charges by consolidating voice into your data infrastructure
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