On-Demand Private Infrastructure

Meet unpredictable business demands with utility zone

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Utility Zone is a private cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) add-on for NTT DATA Dedicated Cloud, that enables you to scale up or down as needed —to keep up with unpredictable business demands. Utility Zone allows you to access Private Cloud Infrastructure in a Public Cloud consumption model.

Utility Zone provides on-demand access to our Dedicated Cloud infrastructure and is ideal if you’re an existing or new NTT DATA Dedicated Cloud client who’s looking to:

  • Deploy temporary, project-based workloads
  • Implement development, test and quality assurance workloads
  • Burst workloads from private clouds during peak consumption (for example, seasonal peaks in website traffic)

Get access to secure on demand Dedicated Cloud infrastructure

Our workforce consulting services enable you to deliver a superior end-user experience, improve productivity and cut costs.

Utility Zone is deployed in the same data center and network as our Dedicated Cloud and is available without commitment for your temporary or seasonal workloads.