BPO for Healthcare Providers

Manage your revenue cycle better and increase cash flow

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Turn data into insights for better outcomes and improve financial performance.

Today’s cost demands on healthcare plan organizations are palpable. We can help you work smarter by reducing the cost of front- middle- and back-office processes, while at the same time, make the best use of your staff members by putting their time and resources toward crucial areas such as claims management, care management or member and provider relations.

NTT DATA processes more than 96 million claims annually

Integrated business process enable information-driven healthcare throughout the ecosystem

Today’s health plan administrative roles have exploded beyond traditional claims processing, enrollment and payment accuracy. The shift from an insurance provider to additional role as care provider demands new approaches to meet business profitable and consumer satisfied. 

For more than 30 years, our Business Process Outsourcing team has implemented the processes and technologies for Health Plans that bring about real transformation for customers of all sizes. Our end-to-end administrative services help you streamline operations, improve productivity and strengthen cash flow to stay competitive and improve member satisfaction.

Expertise that enables better patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Accounts Receivable

Get accounts receivable follow-up, denials management and process optimization through analytics.

Medical Billing Services

Get predictable results through service level guarantees that include operational as well as revenue cycle key performance indicators.

Revenue Cycle Services

Full chain of revenue cycle process, including administrative processes, clinical documentation, coding and billing, and ERP applications administrative workflows.

Discharge Management and Care Transition

Seamlessly manage patient care transitions, reduce length of stay and reduce readmissions.

We have 80,000 providers, skilled nursing facilities and acute care centers on our network

Ensure long-term success with comprehensive cash flow optimization solutions

Reduce your revenue cycle management costs, improve the patient experience while complying to regulations.

 End-to-end, customized revenue cycle solutions with a combination of proprietary and best-of-breed solutions, industry-leading call center capabilities and processes are designed to automate claims and shorten the time needed to adjudicate claims and accelerate cash flow

We have the process expertise and technology to help you create success in an environment where payment models, clinical technology and regulations are changing at the speed of light.

We support more than 40,000 physicians with a 95 percent documentation accuracy rate.