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Engage with Consumers Effectively

The healthcare environment has become increasingly complex with impending regulatory deadlines, increasing patient expectations and changing industry dynamics.


Design Products, Deliver Information and Engage with Consumers Effectively

Demands on healthcare plan organizations are palpable. Today health plan’s administrative roles have exploded beyond traditional claims processing, enrollment and payment accuracy. The shift from an insurance provider to additional role as care provider demands new approaches to meet business profitable and consumer satisfied. For more than 30 years, our healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) team has implemented the processes and technologies for health plans that bring about real transformation for customers of all sizes.

Our end-to-end administrative services help you streamline operations, improve productivity and strengthen cash flow to stay competitive and improve member satisfaction. We can help you work smarter by reducing the cost and make the best use of your staff members by putting their time and resources toward crucial areas such as claims management, care management or member and provider relations.

Empower healthcare consumers with online enrollment and administrative capabilities


NTT DATA is ranked as one of the Market Leaders in the Everest Group Healthcare Payer BPO PEAK Matrix™ Assessment. — June 2017

Our Services

Front Office

Meet the administrative needs of your sales team, enrollment call centers and direct marketing.

Middle Office

Address cost of care issues with critical care management solutions built to improve members’ health and well-being.

Back Office

Streamline core processes such as claims processing, billing, customer service, enrollment and more. We help adopt payment integrity solutions that add value.

NTT DATA is ranked as a Major Contender in the Everest Group Business Process Services Delivery Automation PEAK Matrix™ Assessment. – July 2017