BPO for Education

Establish innovative learning environments that accelerate knowledge transfer

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Meet budget challenges and classroom goals with precision and professionalism

Educators are under pressure to make learning more affordable, flexible, and convenient. We can help you review various processes in student administration lifecycle, research support, and shared services, including student experience transformation, finance and accounting, and procurement.

Reduce rework by 10 to 15 percent on most transactional business processes through automation

Transform the learning environment through our comprehensive portfolio of collaborative, mobile and data-driven solutions

In today’s challenging economic environment, education has never been more vital – we can help you give young people the best chance of success, retrain workers for more in-demand professions, and to help employees create more value.

We help schools and institutions embrace new learning environments, redefine classrooms and drive successful student outcomes

Learn our best advanced teaching and learning practices and use technology to its fullest potential

We deliver continuous value addition, innovation and automation to reduce rework and improve straight-through processes, and improve productivity.