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Rapidly Realize Application Business Value

Today's IT leaders demand faster results and time to market. Gone are the days of multi-year application projects that fail to deliver value quickly, unnecessarily expose the business to risk, and cost more than expected. Our Time to Value framework is a next generation methodology for implementing enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft. The framework delivers business value in 11 week segments through predefined time-boxed sprints.

The result? You’ll accelerate your time to value, reduce project risk, improve predictability, and lower your implementation costs. NTT DATA is a leader in enterprise application services. We have over 2,500 global clients and 45 years of industry-specific experience and helped thousands of organizations like yours realize success. Our team possesses the deep expertise and proprietary processes and methodologies. Talk to us about our Time to Value framework today.

The framework was developed based on proprietary analysis of historical data spanning 5 years and thousands of projects.

Key Benefits

Using our Time to Value framework, you can achieve valuable business outcomes in as little as 11 weeks. Our unique approach offers project-based services with precisely defined outcomes in a standardized, repeatable way.

Offering Details

Implementing large-scale projects is a huge undertaking, especially because you need to stay lean and competitive. Our Time to Value framework gets it done more quickly than you might imagine possible. Segments, each lasting 11 weeks, are agile-based and self-contained,

which gives you speed, scale and flexibility. These segments can be organized in any order: sequential, parallel, overlapping or independently – whatever makes the most sense for your given project. Our highly-specialized experts are part of deployment teams that focus

on specific segments, with delivery teams grouped by specialty and provide consistency and continuity, while smaller, agile-like scrum teams collaborate efficiently. Overall, this highly focused framework ensures the outcome you want in an unprecedented timeframe.

We have strategic relationships with all leading application vendors including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft.