Our Unique Time to Value Application Framework

Implementing SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft applications in only 11 weeks

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Get Results Faster from Your Business Apps

Are you looking for faster results and time to market for your next implementation? Today’s business environment doesn’t align with traditional multi-year application projects that fail to deliver value quickly, unnecessarily expose the business to risk, and cost more than expected. Fortunately, now we have a solution: Our Time to Value application framework is a next-generation approach for implementing applications like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft. Our proprietary framework delivers business value in only 11-weeks through predefined time-boxed sprints. 

The result? You’ll accelerate your time to value, reduce project risk, improve predictability, and lower your implementation costs. NTT DATA is a leader in enterprise applications with more than 2,500 global clients and 45 years of industry-specific experience helping thousands of organizations like yours succeed. Our team possesses the deep expertise and proprietary processes and frameworks to help you achieve time to value in only 11 weeks. Talk to us today about how the Time to Value framework can accelerate your goals.

Make your next project a success: our 11 week framework is based on thousands of successful projects spanning 5 years.

Key Benefits

Now, achieve outcomes from your SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft apps in only 11 weeks. Our unique approach offers project-based services with precisely defined outcomes:

Offering Details

Focused Segments

Each 11-week segment is focused on specific outcomes, is Agile-based and self-contained. Each segment contains a dedicated team, ensuring improved delivery efficiency, consistency, and continuity.

  • Speed – user interface, experience, process, configuration
  • Scale – data integration, data conversion, data logic
  • Flexibility and ingenuity – refine applications with enhancements and added functionality
  • Release – replication, verification and go live testing

Flexible Projects

The Time to Value framework allows segments to be organized in any order:

  • Sequential – segments running consecutively in order
  • Parallel – segments running concurrently
  • Overlapping – segments running concurrently with different start dates
  • Independent – segments that are ordered independently

Efficient Delivery

Highly-specialized experts are organized into deployment teams that focus on specific segments:

  • Delivery teams are grouped by specialty and provide consistency and continuity
  • Smaller, Agile-like scrum teams collaborate more efficiently
  • Standardized segments and delivery processes enable mass customization
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Achieve Faster Time to Value

Implementing new applications or changing business strategies which will require new or modified business apps? We can help you achieve the speed, scale, and flexibility you need for faster results from your SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft applications.

We have strategic relationships with all leading application vendors including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft and Infor.