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Realize a Tangible Return on Your Investment

In today’s connected world, forward-thinking companies often struggle with the cost and complexity of integrating Internet of Things (IoT) with their existing systems and leveraging the massive amount of data collected to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. We can help. As a recognized leader in the IoT service provider ecosystem, we have the deep experience and insight to guide you on your IoT journey.

Our Oracle-based Intelligent Connected business solutions focus on fully integrating your operational transactions from the machine level sensor through Oracle’s IoT SaaS Applications, resulting in reduced downtime and increased profitability. We have helped numerous companies increase transaction automation and visibility across assembly lines, warehouses and locations for faster processing and decision-making.

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A Leader in IoT Services

We help clients make the IoT connection every day.
In fact, we were named a Leader in the Everest Group
PEAK MatrixTM for IoT Service Providers 2019, with analysts
citing our flexible approach and strong client alignment.
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Everest Group named us a Leader in its PEAK Matrix™ for IoT Service Providers. — January 2019

Key Benefits

We drive client return on investment through a fully integrated Oracle IoT Solution:

Offering Details

Our Oracle-powered Intelligent Connected Business Solutions automate sensor data collection in manufacturing, maintenance, quality and logistic operations, greatly improving asset condition and location monitoring, quality control measurement and production rate, pace and interruption detection. The benefits of our

solution include reduced equipment downtime due to predictive maintenance, increased productivity with proactive supply chain management, reduced operational costs with greater asset utilization and increased profitability due to lower costs. We work with you and identify a crawl,

walk, run approach to reduce your risk and allow for optimized levels of solution adoption. Our customized proof of concept deployments ensure successful production implementations. We can provide IoT-enabled use cases including manufacturing, maintenance, quality and logistics.