Application Management Driven by Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The evolution of Oracle cloud applications continues to push innovation into the marketplace. When combined with the growing landscape of SaaS providers, this ongoing innovation creates a high level of complexity in application management. With mandatory quarterly updates, varied update schedules between the myriad of SaaS providers and the level of integration in today’s IT environment, there is a need for streamlining, automating and standardizing the application management processes.

Our Application Management for Oracle SaaS transforms quarterly update projects into seamless service. We utilize cutting-edge technology such as our enhanced tooling, which leverages artificial intelligence to drive predictive analytics and automation. We have helped hundreds of enterprises transform and maintain their application management environment to help them lower costs, free up resources and respond more rapidly to evolving business needs.

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Key Benefits

Application Management for Oracle SaaS delivers seamless, streamlined applications management

Offering Details

Our Application Management for Oracle SaaS drives support efficiencies by utilizing automation and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. While our Oracle Experts focus on complex tasks including the proactive uptake of new functionality, AIs perform routine tasks, including automated regression testing. AIs talk to and learn from each other, providing more and more value over time as our experts shift their focus to complex and

higher value work. Our ability to leverage a shared services factory model optimizes the knowledge of our Oracle Experts while driving down the cost of support. Our standardized, automated testing tools smooth the quarterly resource spike and allow for reuse of test scenarios and scripts. We also provide enhanced tooling which is an AI-Driven automation and predictive analytics toolset combining AI and analytics in areas

such as incidents, SLAs, knowledge management, portfolio and innovation. This ability to streamline day to day activities allows the organization to focus on higher level activities. With over two decades of Oracle implementation and applications management experience, we can provide seamless application support, fixed fee offerings, micro implementations of new functionality and project-based implementations of new modules, applications, PaaS customizations and integrations.

Oracle Transformative Application Management