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Data Center Hardware and Software Working Together

The data center is the nexus of your operations, the technological center of your enterprise. To perform optimally, hardware and software need to work together in the cloud. With the latest engineered solutions, including storage, enhanced management tools and software, we provide a customizable, cost-effective delivery model through a global network of domain and industry-focused centers of excellence. Deploying and managing Oracle systems is now more efficient, reliable and consistent than ever before.

As a strategic partner with Oracle for over 20 years, we are a highly specialized Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience in Oracle applications, middleware and databases. Our two companies have joint engineering engagement at many levels, including early access code and technology exchanges. With experts across multiple domains and a network of Oracle-specific centers in the United States, India, Brazil, China and Mexico, we can assist with a wide variety of Oracle technologies and business needs.

Key Benefits

Our approach to deploying and managing Oracle systems includes application management, business process and key performance indicator monitoring customized to your industry.

Offering Details

We offer a customizable, cost-effective delivery model provided through a global network of domain and industry-focused centers of excellence, helping you dramatically increase efficiency and speed time to value. Our services feature support and solutions for Oracle applications

including Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle DBA services, Oracle SOA services, and Oracle EPM services. We offer industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, travel and transportation, consumer packaged goods, life science, healthcare, education, banking, financial, insurance and government.

Our customizable, cost-effective delivery model is delivered through a global network of domain and industry-focused centers of excellence, with proven solutions to help you manage applications and monitor business processes and key performance indicators.

We have a 20+ year strategic partnership with Oracle.