Transformation Anchored on Data


Navigating Uncharted Waters

Gray Reef Shark

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to swim underwater with sharks?

Join us aboard the Sharkwater, a research vessel with a mission to study and protect sharks and our marine environment. You will swim (virtually) along with divers from the non-profit marine conservancy, Fins Attached LIVE in the ocean to learn how they protect marine ecosystem using shark migratory data.

NTT DATA recently took clients on this once-in-a-lifetime virtual event that was part fun and part business, and shared relevant insight into how data and AI is helping future-looking organizations move forward.

Watch the event on-demand!

Young female employee working from home

Key IT Leadership Considerations for the Hybrid Working Model

IT leaders are navigating the complexity of hybrid working models to ensure superior employee experience and security. Moreover, the modern workplace must reduce digital friction, improve productivity and optimize IT costs. In this webinar, John Dubois of NTT DATA and Sumir Karayi of 1E discuss strategic considerations for digital workplace leaders in the next 12 to 24 months. Watch the on-demand event now!

Coworker discussing findings on screen at night

Implement Experience-Level Agreements

Analytics are critical to effectively manage digital experiences, but how do you determine what data is important and relevant? And how do you convert analytics into action? Cory Kramer of NTT DATA and Bogdan Udrea of 1E explore ways to implement experience level agreement metrics to uncover systemic issues and root causes – and ultimately tackle issues using automation. They’ll also discuss strategies and best practices. Watch the on-demand event now!

Banking on AI

Get Personal: Banking on AI to Help Customers Reach Their Hopes and Dreams

What attracts customers to banks and wealth management firms? What makes them want to stay? NTT DATA surveyed nearly 5,000 consumers and 500 financial services executives in eight countries to find out.

To learn the details of this research, make plans to watch this on-demand webinar brought to you by Economic Times. Panelists will discuss why more than 93% of the financial institutions see personalized, proactive services as an opportunity for growth, but only 16% of them are doing it. And you’ll learn why 50% of customers want financial institutions to act as a conscientious advisor on major spending decisions.

You’ll also hear digital leaders talk about the steps they are taking to make one-to-one hyper-personalized financial services a reality.

Want even more information? You can download a copy of the “Get Personal: Banking on AI to Help Customers Reach Their Hopes and Dreams” report here.

Cloud & DevOps Roundtable

Cloud transformation is the biggest and the most important technology refresh we’ve seen in generations. It’s comprehensive, touching every aspect of an organization's technology, business and operations, people, culture--and changes everything for the better.

Get ready for our on-demand Cloud & DevOps Roundtable. This power-packed 90-minute session features eminent panelists who represent enterprise customers, digital startups and IT and BPO service providers. You’ll enjoy a session of pragmatic discussions that reflect the real-world problems your organization faces.

What We’ll Cover

  • Cloud and DevOps cloud adoption
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Toolchains and new ways of working
  • Data privacy and residency
  • Security and regulatory concerns
  • Advanced technologies including AI, ML, blockchain, skill gap and more
The Case for Cloud-Based DevOps

Seven years’ worth of digital transformation happened last year as it became clear to companies that they needed to accelerate agility and their ability to rapidly innovate and scale. While resiliency has become a de facto business requirement, there is still work to do to ensure that IT services is able to deliver.

Our on-demand webinar explores the way cloud-based DevOps answers the call by helping IT build a platform for service delivery that is agile by nature, takes advantage of cloud’s inherent elasticity and scalability and deploys automation to grow security while optimizing human and financial resources. Learn why a solid cloud and DevOps platform helps you take advantage of advanced technologies to further agility, innovation, and competitive position.

The session covers the below topics

  • Why cloud-based DevOps?
  • How is culture change key to success?
  • What is the role of a cloud Center of Excellence?
  • How can you enable cloud-based DevOps at scale?
man and woman sitting together during interview

Digital is invading every area of our lives and permeating the outer edges of comfort zones. Watch this thought-provoking WSJ Tech Live session (originally cast during the October 2021 event). Aaron Millstone, NTT DATA’s president of digital transformation services, discusses how cloud is becoming the default rather than the exception in business—and why shadow spending is now simply business spend.

What you’ll learn:

  • Ways that digital has accelerated over the past 18 months of the pandemic
  • Why digital is more than an IT problem
  • How companies and industries can adapt to the rapid growth and transformation to digital