Plan. Embark. Journey. 

Are you ready to sharpen your perspective and shape a new reality?  We’ve built the perfect space for you. Our Collaboration Center is a state-of-the-art environment that will spark curiosity, broaden your view and help you solve complex business challenges. Here, you will be welcomed with the space and time for design thinking as you leverage a wealth of tools, insights and innovation that NTT DATA is in a unique position to deliver.

We’re passionate about helping businesses transform into new enterprises poised for the future. Our thought leaders and industry experts work tirelessly to create innovative solutions and keep our clients a step ahead; the Collaboration Center is a reflection of this commitment. Learn how our consultants work with you using interactive, synergetic technologies and design thinking with a single goal in mind — to deliver the best innovation you’ve ever had from a partner.

High tech, functional, innovative and downright beautiful. We’re confident your best ideas start right here.


Break Through Your Toughest Challenges

Our industry - leading solutions and consulting address the questions that are front and center for our clients. We know what you’re asking about the most — and why. Our Collaboration Center helps you find the answers.

How Can I Go Faster?

Can we achieve a speedier time to market? Implementing large-scale projects isn’t easy in today’s competitive landscape, but our Time to Value framework gets it done in as little as 11 weeks. Our approach offers project-based services with defined outcomes in a standardized, predictable approach.

How Can I Learn More?

What can we gain from other companies’ success? We’ll bring their stories to life – and determine what pieces work for you. You’ll see what’s relevant, what’s not, what to do – and more important, what not to do. You’re challenges may be uniquely yours – but there’s a whole world of insight to be shared.

How Can I Listen Better?

What are people saying about you? Our social listening room cuts through the noise and gives you a clear picture of what clients, employees and shareholders are talking about on social media channels. You’ll learn to engage, connect and strengthen your brand.

How Do I Automate?

How can we get the most out of human capital in a digital world? We can help insurance providers you adopt a successful automation strategy. You will plan, optimize and automate your business the claims processes, while preparing your employees to thrive with new, future-ready skills.

How Do I Modernize?

How can you facilitate change?  You know it’s time to modernize applications, but it takes careful planning and implementation. We help you get crystal-clear visibility on your current applications, understand new ones, and pave the way for a successful transformation.

How Do I Optimize?

Where do I start with the cloud? You know the benefits – now it’s time to clear the hurdles. Cloud integration is overwhelming.  We’ll show you to how optimize your infrastructure for the cloud for any industry, anywhere, taking the mystery out of storage as a service.

Brad Rucker - NTT DATA Brad Rucker SVP, Digital Application and Information Management,  NTT DATA Services

“In the new digital world, weeks pass in days and years pass in months. The forward-thinking enterprise will work at obsoleting its own processes, technologies and, most importantly, the current experiences it provides to customers, partners and employees. To do that, it's critical to step out of the everyday and step into an innovation session that includes people from diverse areas across your organization. The enterprise that wants to grow will spend time examining "unsolvable" problems and creating future experiences for its constituents.”

The Culmination of Ideas and Accomplishments

Building our Collaboration Center goes much deeper than aesthetics. After a lot of thought — and re-thought — the facility brings the best of our experience and expertise to the table. Here’s why you should pull up a seat.


Recognize Potential, Ask Questions and Predict the Future

Everything’s ready and waiting for you when you get here, as one of our Adventure LabsSM is tailored to address your specific challenges. Immerse yourself in the experience.


Start the planning with discovery and articulating key business issues or technology challenges. Identify processes, technology, customer engagement and departmental barriers and what has or has not been tried. Define digital touch points and perform in-depth customer friction assessments.


See and discover the possibilities. Work through a series of human-centered design thinking activities leveraging insights gathered to co-create a solution. Scope and develop detailed implementation plans, and validate concepts with prototype designs or advanced research methodologies. Develop customer journey maps to uncover and gain insights on how a product’s design contributes to or hinders the user experience.


Get down to the nitty-gritty. Continue the collaboration in implementing a solution via ongoing engagement outside of the Collaboration Center.

Mona Charif Mona Charif SVP and Chief Marketing Officer,  NTT DATA Services

“Our goal at NTT DATA Services is to deliver insights and solutions that drive the best outcomes for you. The Collaboration Center enhances this partnership approach by allowing you to create and modify innovations in advance of deployments, so you can generate the strongest possible return on investment.”


Get a holistic view of your enterprise and in-person conversations with leaders and account teams

From the ground up, our Collaboration Center was built with you in mind. Within these walls, we created a rich, welcoming space ideal for discovery. We can’t wait to show you around.

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