Drive Your Data to Meet Our Fast-Paced World

Our world is spinning. Demands for real-time information are increasing. Seemingly endless data sources clutter the path to clear answers. To navigate business forward, you must have data that delivers. NTT DATA is helping our clients maximize their data through our proprietary NTT Smart Solutions.

We show clients how to put their data to work – quickly, effectively, securely. Our platform can “think” and access multiple data sources, perceive current conditions, plan, decide and act on those conditions – leading the way to smarter decisions.

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NTT Smart Platform: Leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for enlightened decisions.


Let’s get down to business. Put your data to work today.

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Bill Baver from NTT DATA shares smart city concepts and insights that can be applied to a hybrid work world.

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Get a detailed overview the main segments, units and components that compose the NTT Smart Platform.

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Learn about NTT Smart Solutions technology—an agile, robust platform for information and communications technology.

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Award-Winning Technology Delivered

Innovation is the lifeblood of our organization. We live it, breathe it, deliver it. Our forward-leaning solutions have been recognized globally, and we are honored to receive notable awards, such as Statescoop’s LocalSmart Awards and the Government Innovation Awards for our smart platform. And with 6,000 forward-thinking research and development professionals bringing cutting-edge innovation to life, we constantly strive to enhance the way we work, communicate and process data.

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“We are delighted to implement NTT Smart Solutions to provide continual data analysis and reporting to better inform decisions."

Learn how our Smart City solutions drive resilience, sustainability, and citizen well-being.

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Unleash the power of data

Whether in a sports venue like Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a city like Las Vegas, a national landmark like Chicago’s Navy Pier, or a major transportation center, such as Edmonton International Airport, our digital technology is unleashing the power of data.

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