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The rental car industry is facing some unprecedented challenges, but IT can keep your company in the driver’s seat.

Your customers are more tech-savvy and less brand-loyal than in the past – and will seek out the rental car company that can deliver a highly customized experience. The experience has changed, with customers using mobile devices for all transactions, going to third-party online booking sites to make comparisons to your competitors, and gravitating toward options such as on-demand ride services or ridesharing.

How do you respond to the digital customer and foster loyalty? Through a seamless, personalized experience. We can help you with digital and modernization solutions that keep your brand strong and your customers coming back. Create the best mobile environment to research and book cars, and offer a social media presence that engages and impresses your customers. Adopt connected car technologies to provide real-time updates or a car’s location as well as maintenance status and needs. And make the drive a smooth one with digital and modernization technology.

We can help you


Deliver a highly personalized experience


Adapt and react to changing industry needs and expectations


Keep customers rebooking and renting

Drive Business Through Big Data

Big data and analytics are redefining the way you do business. Our services help you personalize the guest experience and foster the customer relationship.

See the big picture with Big Data & Analytics Services.

Respond to On-The-Go Customers

Rental car customers use their phones and tablets for every step of their experience, from shopping to check-in. Our mobile application services help you make the mobile experience the best it can be.

Discover what Mobile Application Services can do for you.

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Review sites are a crucial part of a customer’s decision to rent a car. Our social media services help protect your brand, foster relationships and grow your customer base.

Listen and learn through Social Media Services.

Scale Quickly and Cut Costs

Take advantage of our cloud and Software as a Service offers to reduce rising operational costs, modernize your infrastructure and minimize your premise-based footprint.

Learn about our Cloud Services.