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Be part of the destination

Guests have gone digital, using their mobile devices for all phases of the stay, including booking a room, using branded mobile apps, referring to online review sites and relying on social media to interact with customer service. They are finding private home and vacation rental properties online as an alternative to the traditional hotel, and they are using third-party booking sites to compare rooms across competitors. This, on top of pressures to run your business meeting new sustainability and security expectations, is making the hotel business more competitive than ever.

Personalization is key to success in this landscape. You can help you be part of the destination and experience that your customers seek out. You will address integration/migration challenges and disparate legacy systems begging to be modernized. You’ll harness big data and analytics to put an individual customer’s needs first. You’ll make sure all digital touch points are up-to-date and user-friendly with seamless connectivity across platforms and devices. And you’ll strengthen customer and brand loyalty for years to come.

A transformative partnership between NTT DATA and Hilton is co-creating the future of hospitality.


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Counter the increased competition from non-traditional lodging options


Be part of the guest experience, not just the destination


Ensure all digital touch points meet your guests' needs

Make Reservations Fast and Easy

Interaction with hotels is moving from desktop to mobile devices. Our mobile application services help you engage with customers before, during and after their visit.

Discover what Mobile Application Services can do for you.

Take Customer Services to the Next Level

Review sites can make or break a guest’s decision to book a room. Our social media services help protect your reputation, grow you customer base, and keep them coming back.

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