Data Analytics and Information Management

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These days, it’s not just about data. It’s about the ability to transform information into actionable intelligence so you can make better decisions. NTT DATA connects people, processes, and technology with content. Regardless of location we help boost efficiencies by breaking down information silos, improving data quality, and building a content ecosystem. We can help you extract intelligence from the information you already collect. There is a reason we are called NTT DATA.

Transform information into actionable intelligence so you can make better decisions

Our solutions:

Big Data
Every digital touch point produces data. The data is sometimes at unprecedented volumes or speeds or in a wide variety of less structured forms of information, such as social media, email, sensors – even photography. Data is an asset, providing market intelligence, constituent tastes, as well as tangible, useable information to improve the citizen experience—the challenge is to harness the hidden power of data to benefit your organization. That’s where NTT DATA can help. Let us help you securely get the most value from your big data.
Business Intelligence
Today, most business intelligence systems analyze and react to lagging indicators. We make it possible to look forward with clarity and make more informed business decisions through predictive analytics. NTT DATA Federal supports innovation when and where you need it, offering expertise in: BI strategy and consulting, key performance indicator measurements and data visualization, reporting and analytics, and information delivery across the value chain.
Data Analytics
Our Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mining Services provide the tools to unlock value from data you already have so you can optimize operations locally, nationally, or globally. By delivering innovation when and where you need it, we can help you uncover unique insights into the potential challenges and opportunities ahead. You’ll make better, more informed decisions across your agency to support growth and improved customer relations.
Data Warehousing
NTT DATA can help you capture, manage, and deliver information effectively across your government agency and around the world. Our data warehousing solutions seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources into one version of the truth. By ensuring data is cleansed and integrated with BI applications, you can make better decisions faster while reducing cost and risk. This includes: data warehouse/data mart assessments, data integration services, data warehouse and data mart implementation services and performance tuning services.
Information Management
The ability to effective manage information across the enterprise can make or break an organization.  How to effectively manage the people, processes, technology and content—to deliver value can be a daunting task. NTT DATA breaks it down into manageable pieces to adopt change while minimizing risk. We help you make the most of all your information assets, and we do it painlessly. NTT DATA can assess present and future information needs throughout your organization, then design an agency-wide information architecture, with proper governance, that ensures stakeholders have the information they need, when they need it.