Advisory Services

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NTT DATA offers a range of advisory services to address the unique challenges faced by state and local government agencies. We specialize in optimizing operations by leveraging technology to support faster innovation, streamline processes, and effect lasting change.

Our solutions:

Agile Consulting
We help you move beyond the hype and promise of Agile. We deliver Agile solutions that increase flexibility, streamline operations, and improve performance using fewer resources. NTT DATA’s Agile experts deliver training, guidance, and leadership in developing and implementing an Agile strategy. Whether it’s moving away from waterfall or simply assessing the viability of Agile at your organization, NTT DATA can help deliver Agile results.
Cloud Advisory Services
Cloud adoption is a journey where clear short-term goals and long-term strategies are imperative for success. NTT DATA travels with you—regardless where you are in the journey to cloud adoption, we’ll help you get there.  Leveraging our deep cloud expertise and public sector knowledge, we will help you strategize, plan and architect a cloud transformation. Whether you’re transitioning infrastructure, applications, or services to the cloud, we provide vendor-agnostic assessments and the resources to chart your route. Our cloud consulting, assessments, and workshops drive the development of your long-term cloud strategy, business case, and roadmaps to deliver ROI and business outcomes.
Digital Business Strategy
Effective use of technology, business strategy, and return on investment often challenge even the most well-intentioned, well-run organizations.   That’s why we provide digital business strategy service to help you cut through the clutter and make sense of all the technologies in your environment. We provide objective, tailored, and experienced assessment, analysis, and guidance to our clients. We use a highly-disciplined approach to evaluate the entire business life cycle, from strategy to sustainment, our methods yield results with fewer resources and less complexity. With discipline comes efficiency, a hallmark of our digital business strategy services.
IT Strategy
To turn strategies into action, you need effective IT. Applications, infrastructure and technology all need to be in lock step and aligned with your business objectives. Your IT should work for you to deliver value, productivity and return on investment, now and well into the future. NTT DATA can help.  We align business and IT goals and build a roadmap to achieve better business outcomes by optimizing and transforming your existing IT environment.
NTT DATA excels at Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) by identifying schedule, budget, and mission risks early in the development, acquisition, or procurement life cycle. Our independent check and balance facilitates early risk identification, so treatment plans can be adopted before potential risks impact mission objectives. By accelerating and prioritizing IV&V activities based on mission risk, our IV&V approach optimizes resources.
Program Management
Throughout government the message is clear, “do more with less.”  At NTT DATA we are budget conscious, creative, problem-solvers.   Our approach to program management focuses on performance outcomes with a keen eye on the bottom line.  We know bigger does not always mean better, sometimes simplifying IT and business processes results in a better overall outcomes.  To make the most of IT resources we align with business goals, delivering results across the enterprise.