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We have acquired Cognosante’s consulting practice, deepening our capabilities in managing the modernization of state health and human services IT systems. This acquisition adds more than 250 HHS consulting experts supporting IT transformations in more than 20 states.


HHS IT Consulting Expertise for State Agencies

State Health and Human Service agencies can no longer wait to implement and modernize information technologies that support rapidly changing program needs and move away from legacy, stove-piped systems supporting single programs. Having acquired Cognosante’s consulting services, we are uniquely qualified to help you modernize, plan, procure and implement effective HHS and Medicaid information technology solutions. Together, we can address changing program policy and populations, as well as state and federal mandates.

With nearly three decades of experience working with 48 states and the federal government, we help develop, manage and execute large, complex health information technology implementations. We stand committed to completing tasks on schedule, on budget and in compliance with state and federal mandates. Inspired by the mission of HHS programs to support the health and independence of citizens, we believe that successful IT projects are critical to mission success. Let’s start the conversation.

Program & Project Management

Our proven project management methodology follows industry-standard processes and focuses on four basic project management objectives to help HHS agencies envision and transform their systems:


Deliver high-quality products that address state objectives and organizational goals and meet end user requirements


Identify potential problems before they develop and initiate appropriate mitigation strategies or corrective actions


Complete project activities on schedule and within budget, while adhering to project requirements


Communicate accurately and in a timely manner to project participants and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle


Our Services

Enterprise Architecture

Implement current leading architectures and maximize enhanced federal financial participation regarding Medicaid and HHS IT transformation initiatives.

Independent Verification & Validation

Approach projects with zero tolerance for failure, as Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) mitigates program risk, reduces overruns and increases solution quality.

Portfolio Management

Support the strategic level of portfolio governance and demand management, strategy management, performance management, capacity management and enterprise technical architecture processes.

Procurement Management

Plan, develop and implement modern systems that are modular, flexible and provide expanded support for the state health enterprise.

Project Management

Follow a defined management methodology through our dedication to project management, communications and a team-like relationship with state agencies.

System Integration Management

Benefit from Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) support in developing modularity and system integrator strategies, procuring a systems integrator or integration work itself.

Our experienced Medical Information Technology Architecture (MITA) experts and proven, scalable approach ensure that the MITA SS-A is a valuable, long-term asset in support of the HHS and Medicaid enterprise.

Health and Human Services IT Consulting