processes to build an efficient smart factory.

Whether you face consumer or technological demands, you can streamline operations and minimize supply chain complexities that reduce profits. Our manufacturing solutions deliver smart factories and process automation that address changing requirements and rising costs.


Improve Process Reliability and Reduce Production Costs

Consumer product manufacturers face a myriad of changes – evolving technologies, demographic shifts, changing consumer preferences, and unpredictable economic cycles, to name a few. The successful factory is the smart factory. With years of experience in manufacturing IT, we partner with you and deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions. Our industry-specific offers give you a single point of accountability for all services, hardware and software. See how we can help you streamline processes to better respond to your changing customer, and the changing face of consumer goods manufacturing.

Our Services

Application Development & Maintenance

Increase business agility with a standardized IT environment that streamlines processes.

Cloud Services

Enhance experimentation and innovation in product development, and improve collaboration and data sharing without high up-front costs.

Data & Analytics

Evaluate data from various collection streams, and gather meaningful insights that guide business decisions.

Internet of Things

Transform operations with connectivity that streamlines business processes, equipment maintenance and team collaboration.


Mobile Applications

Enable real-time communication, inventory tracking and equipment monitoring to improve productivity onsite and off.

SAP Applications

Integrate business and manufacturing processes to improve production traceability and reliability.

Virtual Workspace Services

Eliminate desk-side system maintenance with fast and secure central deployment and management.

Consumer expectations are changing. Meet the challenges by building a smart factory.