the foundation for progressive innovation.

Whether you’re trying to meet changing environmental and governmental regulations or reduce cybersecurity threats, your resources are limited. Our smart factory solutions streamline processes so you have more time to focus on innovation.


Anticipate Potential Issues and Accelerate Production

In the aerospace and defense industries, nothing is important than innovation. What can you do to keep your resources and people working toward that goal? By adopting smart factory solutions and products, you can stay focused and streamline your organization from the bottom up. Harness predictive analytics and advanced condition monitoring to fix break-downs before they happen and optimize repair supply inventories. Focus on manufacturing, order management, inventory management, and logistics by integrating systems from the top floor to shop floor. And make the smart factory a reality by embracing accelerated processes to leverage fast and focused innovation.

Our Services

Application Development & Maintenance

Reduce costs and increase business agility with an updated and standardized IT environment.

Cloud Services

Plan and implement the right multicloud approach that enables flexibility and supports growth.

Data & Analytics

Collect diverse data types from multiple sources and identify meaningful insights without needing data science expertise.

Internet of Things

Connect people, processes and systems through end-to-end IoT.


Mobile Applications

Increase connectivity and productivity when staff are working in the field or at other locations.

SAP Applications

Transform and modernize SAP applications to improve business operations and customer interactions that drive innovation.

Virtual Workspace Services

Secure data and release IT resources from desk-side maintenance.

Smart factory solutions help you embrace innovation within changing regulatory requirements.