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This is the age of the customer. Policyholders want to define their own insurance buying experience and expect products to be tailored to their unique needs and preferences. It’s an era in which agents need to be more collaborative and engage digitally with carriers to quickly respond to customers. It may seem daunting, but customer-centric carriers recognize it as a growth opportunity.

We help clients develop and pursue customer- and agent-centric strategies through:

  • Agent portals and omni-channel distribution designed to reach agents and customers on their terms
  • IoT-driven solutions that produce innovative products, value-added services and stronger client relationships
  • Immersive digital experiences – developed in partnership with our Customer Experience Center (CXC) – that build loyalty
  • Advanced data and analytics that gather, segment and act on customer data from all sources

“AI, machine learning and robotic process automation technologies hold great promise for the insurance industry, but the danger is that those benefits become one-sided:  insurance companies profit at the expense of their customers.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Both carriers and consumers stand to benefit if these technologies are used not just as productivity tools, but as drivers of a next-generation customer experience.” 
— Lisa Woodley
Vice President, Customer Experience, FSI

Our solutions:

Content Strategy and Delivery for Insurance

By 2018, organizations that have fully invested in all types of online personalization will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%, according to industry analysts. NTT DATA’s Content Strategy and Delivery for Insurance helps you understand your audiences, so you can reach them with targeted content via the best channels at the right time.

  • Platforms and Technology helps you build the foundation to accurately integrate systems and data involved in content delivery
  • Targeting and Distribution helps you connect your audience segments to the content most relevant to their needs during the customer journey via the right channels
  • Management and Governance aligns your content workflow, standards, and authoring strategy to ensure successful consistent content delivery
  • Continuous Improvement helps you measure the effectiveness of your content with real-time analytics and content and channel optimization
  • Sitecore and HP Exstream Centers of Excellence prove deep expertise around leading content management solutions
Insight Segmentation and Analytics for Insurance

Companies who use advanced analytics are twice as likely to be top quartile financial performers, according to industry analysts. Yet fewer than 50% of P&C and 5% of life carriers track customer buying signals using digital technologies. NTT DATA’s INSight Segmentation and Analytics for Insurance helps you capitalize on this opportunity by increasing revenue via cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

  • INSight Roadmap charts a business-first course for your segmentation and analytics plan
  • Analytics Ecosystem ensures you have the right architecture and technology in place to leverage customer data
  • Segmentation and Journey Mapping creates detailed customer segments and maps each segment’s interaction journey through the customer lifecycle
  • Predictive Modeling provides customer models per segment to help you anticipate and act
Omni-Channel User Experience Delivery

Omnichannel is all about flexibly reaching customers, policyholders, and agents via any channel and delivering a consistently great user experience — with more value and targeted content to each individual at each touch point. A first-rate user experience is one of the most effective means of retaining and cross-selling to existing customers, as well as acquiring new ones.

  • User Experience Strategy and Design ensures the experience is engaging, personalized and relevant
  • Omni-channel Responsive Development delivers consistent experiences that are optimized across devices and channels
  • Mobile and responsive insurance IP and accelerators provide custom insurance wizards and turnkey salesforce solutions that accelerate digital experience transformation and reduce risk