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Transform your business with next-gen technology 

The reinsurance business model is distinct in its challenges. Business complexity and an emphasis on risk management can create barriers to innovation and place rigorous demands on your business processes and technology solutions.

NTT DATA works with reinsurers to introduce and implement digital solutions that address their specific operational needs and business goals. Our combination of business consulting expertise, deep technology skills and business process outsourcing helps clients improve organizational response and performance:

We can help you

Embrace Customer and Agent Centricity

Elevate Performance through Data and Analytics

Establish Agile, Efficient Operations

Infuse Your Business with Digital

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Embrace Customer and Agent Centricity

With policyholders demanding innovative products and services, successful carriers are refining customer segment definitions and taking advantage of new growth opportunities based on each segment’s buying behaviors

Our solutions:
  • Content Strategy and Delivery for Insurance
  • Insight Segmentation and Analytics for Insurance
  • Omni-Channel User Experience Delivery

Regulatory Compliance for Financial Services and Insurance

Balance business performance and ensure compliance while managing risk


Our solutions:
  • Anti-Money Laundering: KYC-in-a-Box

Elevate Performance Through Data and Analytics

Today’s digital business challenge is to aggregate ever-increasing amounts data from more diverse sources — often in real time — then analyze it quickly to drive business insight. NTT DATA can help you align your organization, technology, and processes to drive enterprise performance, support marketing efforts, refine product risk analysis and more.

Our solutions:
  • Advanced, Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • INSight Segmentation and Analytics for Insurance
  • Seamless Data Management