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Digital transformation has both improved and overloaded regulatory compliance requirements. Financial institutions seek cost-effective ways to meet ever-changing requirements while delivering outstanding, products, coverage and service. Banks’ and insurance carriers’ integrated and web-enabled systems require greater levels of network and host-based security protection to ensure availability and ward off cyber-threats.

NTT DATA Services empowers financial services and insurance executives, compliance managers and stakeholders with managed security services and compliance solutions. We help you manage your bottom line while providing convenient online services and enabling personalized and intimate customer relationships.

Benefits include:

  • Accurate reporting around risk exposure and capital management
  • Timely response to changing regulations
  • Cost-effective approaches to risk and compliance management
  • Sustainable governance structures, processes, and controls to stay ahead of requirements and avoid intervention

From anti-money laundering solutions to big data analysis and business intelligence, NTT DATA can help you meet all your compliance challenges

Our solutions:

Anti-Money Laundering: KYC-in-a-Box
Across the globe, regulators and central banks have increased the focus on stringent processes pertaining to new customer due diligence, screening and anti-money laundering (AML) investigation. Their goal is to identify the real source of funds and overall risk exposure to prevent terrorist financing, identity theft and financial fraud. A critical component is how you perform customer onboarding or Know Your Customer (KYC).

A secure, web-based solution, KCY in a Box is available for both front- and back-office operations and designed for easy integration with customer relationship management applications. The complete managed solution includes:
  • An initial customer screening/due diligence
  • Onboarding
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Alerts and reporting
  • Exception management and remediation
  • Contact center for ongoing support and data analytics