Insurance Transformation Strategies

Adopt transformation strategies that accommodate growth, improve operations

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Customer Satisfaction With Higher Returns and Lower Costs

The key to a successful digital transformation begins with adopting practices that engage customers and achieve growth. When you improve operational performance and efficiency, you’re better able to streamline traditional practices and meet customer expectations. When you work with an experienced industry partner to pursue this transformation, you can optimize and standardize processes while maintaining the stability and safety of your operations. Business can continue as usual. Are you ready to transform?

Our comprehensive portfolio of consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions can help you expand business functionality and improve internal efficiencies. Ultimately, this enhances the customer experience and increases revenue. We have the expertise to deliver flexible and responsive transformation strategies — without interruption. You will reduce operational costs, meet compliance requirements and retain satisfied customers. From pragmatic approaches to the internet of things (IoT), we’ll help you get tangible business results.

Key Benefits

Get a thorough evaluation of your operations and systems to improve functionality across annuities, pensions, and life, property and casualty insurance as well as general or worksite/voluntary benefit groups.


Offering Details

Streamline claims processes and implement modern tools and technologies that reduce costs with proven claims transformation solutions. We help you improve the customer experience and measure claim results accurately. Our solutions can put your life and annuities organization on the road to process optimization and standardization, efficient fraud and recovery management and effective key performance indicators. Our platform-independent, architecture-neutral suite of open solutions include our claims process catalog — a library of optimized claims processes – and an online claims portal framework,
giving you first notice of loss and claims progress-tracking capabilities. You will also benefit from testing frameworks and application modernization services. Next, our mobile insurance solutions reduce costs, increase revenue and extend mobile services to customers, adjusters and employees — as well as distribution and administration partners. Because mobile web applications can’t always offer the depth and features that a native application can employ, we help you successfully deploy or expand a BYOD program that complies with regulations and ensures data security.
Likewise, our straight through processing (STP) solutions deliver standardized methods for achieving process efficiencies across multiple functional areas helps insurers respond quickly and effectively to shifts in today’s dynamic marketplace. Automating transactions with STP can streamline your operations, increase your responsiveness and improve the service experience for your customers. And finally, our wearables and internet of things expertise takes helps your organization join the IoT revolution. We take a pragmatic, digital approach to IoT, collaborating with you to utilize what you already have, start small and then iterate based on real-world success.

Digital transformation will help you meet your customer expectations more efficiently and new technologies will reinvent your traditional practices.

Insurance Transformation Strategies