Unified Clinical Archive (VNA)

Unify your clinical data and imaging for a more complete patient-based view

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Our Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) portfolio is an advanced vendor-neutral solution that addresses the critical challenges of enterprise imaging and analytics across your enterprise. The solution allows you to collaborate and gain insights to improve outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce cost. Far more than an image archive, our solution is a modular, future-ready foundation for building a data-driven healthcare enterprise. With a structured methodology, the solution provides a pathway to benefits realization.

Delivered as a managed service, the UCA provides hardware, software, partner applications and services to gain the greatest value from your images. Our expertise is based on 16 years of digital medical archiving services, across 1,100 clinical sites, with 13 billion images (180+ million studies) in our cloud.

The Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) offers intelligent, scalable and affordable storage and facilitates clinical collaboration.

Our solutions:

Clinical Intelligence
Integrate all your images, DICOM and non-DICOM, in vendor neutral solution for simplified access, integrated workflows, viewing on any DICOM/non-DICOM viewer, image sharing, data exchange and integration with EHRs.
Image Insight
Discover hidden disease risk in your patient population and improve productivity using your medical images and machine vision analytics. We transform imaging from a single-purpose tool to an asset that provides insight on a variety of health conditions.
Imaging Research
Accelerate scientific discovery and innovation using our solution to create a secure online healthcare community to develop and validate ideas using anonymized data sets.
Operational Intelligence
Get real-time data about your entire imaging enterprise for better front-line decision making and administrative oversight. Our solution collects data across all your locations, imaging systems and archiving platforms and presents your key performance indicators in simple, user-based intelligent dashboards. It includes dose reporting for Joint Commission regulatory compliance.