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We can help you assess all aspects of your revenue cycle and administrative processes, from clinical documentation, coding and billing, to ERP applications administrative workflows. We can help you identify problem areas and help you redesign systems to be more streamlined, efficient and customer-friendly. We’ll work with you to create a custom roadmap for improving any or all of your revenue cycle and administrative operations.

Reduce your revenue cycle management costs while you comply with ICD-10 and other regulations – and improve the patient experience.

We can help

Areas for Improvement

Identify problem areas for improvement

Streamlined, efficient and customer-friendly

Make your systems streamlined, efficient and customer-friendly


Create custom roadmap to improve all administrative operations

Our solutions:

Business Analysis Services
How will ICD-10 transition and new payment models affect your cash flow? Will regulatory changes hurt or help your bottom line? What happens if your patient mix changes? Our analysts can help you project how these and other operational factors will affect your cash flow, margins, bottom line or any other financial metric. We can also help with workflow assessments and redesign to help your financial team be more efficient and effective.
ERP Application Consulting
Our team has deep expertise in all leading ERP applications, including Kronos, Lawson, Epic, SAP and others. We can help you with almost any ERP application need – from trouble- shooting, to adapting applications for maximum effectiveness in your environment. We can also help redesign workflows, customize your application for specific business use cases, create custom reports, and provide training and support for you staff.
Financial Management and Regulatory Compliance
We can help healthcare providers improve financial management and better comply with regulatory requirements. We can help you identify billing and coding risk areas, and we can educate your staff on relevant regulations and requirements for financial integrity and regulatory compliance.
Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
We offer a comprehensive service for management, maintenance and support of your hospital information system. We provide architectural design, implementation services, health checks, integration and upgrades.
ICD-10 Migration
Preparing for the transition to ICD-10 is a complex endeavor that involves every aspect of your clinical and financial operations. We can help with all aspects of the migration, including assessing your readiness, IT systems conversion, testing, analytics, audits and ongoing support.
Non-Clinical Application Planning and Implementation
We can help you select ERP and financial management applications to fit your enterprise and provide all the services you need to implement your application, including: planning, training, optimization and customization, go-live support and ongoing technical and user support.
Revenue Cycle and Patient Access Consulting
Our business process services enhance healthcare organizations’ financial performance, including strategic consulting and identifying opportunities for improvement in patient access, health information management and coding, clinical documentation improvement, case management, and patient financial services.