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Easily Implement Telehealth With Seamless Data Integration

Telehealth is one of the fastest growing modes of patient encounters, offering convenience that patients like and cost savings that appeal to payers. Defined as data and telecommunications technologies that support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration, telemedicine is redefining the patient-practitioner relationship. It’s also helping healthcare organizations meet targets for improving outcomes and population health while lowering costs. Despite its popularity, many hospitals and health systems have yet to adopt telehealth, while others use it sparingly. A big barrier is the difficulty of integrating telehealth data with electronic health records (EHRs), financial systems, and existing technology investments

The partnership between NTT DATA and InTouch Health offers an industry-leading virtual care platform combined with seamless integration of data and end-to-end telehealth clinical services. Whether you want to connect patients directly to caregivers, provide expert consultations to expand availability of specialty services, or add capabilities such as medical video conferencing, NTT DATA can help. We can help you design, implement, manage and support the platform — seamlessly integrating the platform data with your existing systems. We offer strategy consultation, healthcare integration, project management, business analysis, quality assurance and ongoing support. We can also help streamline communications between the technical experts and clinical and business stakeholders to ensure a smooth implementation.

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The Power of Telehealth

Approximately 78 million Americans will reach age 65 by 2035, yet one-third of physicians practicing medicine today will also be 65 or older. That means an estimated 46,000-plus shortfall of qualified doctors in areas where the demand for healthcare outstrips supply. The need for strong telehealth offerings has likely never been greater. Our Telehealth Maturity Assessment explores this challenge in detail.


Key Benefits

The partnership between NTT DATA and InTouch Health offers significant benefits for telehealth adoption: seamlessly integrate virtual care within your existing clinical workflows.

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NTT DATA and InTouch Health deliver an industry-leading telehealh platform combined with seamless data integration and proven end-to-end services.


Offering Details

We possess a wealth of healthcare provider and payer specific expertise to get your virtual care projects off the ground quickly and successfully. Our extensive expertise in healthcare integration and accelerators will embed your virtual care solution seamlessly into your

Practice Management and EMR systems. Our proven project management and business transformation methodologies ensures successful implementation, adoption and efficient operations. These innovative telehealth services are the culmination of our partnership with telehealth platform leader

InTouch Health. Our solution supports collaboration, consultation and communication. We help you integrate the virtual care platform with your existing systems and implement new projects that ultimately result in better patient care. Contact us today to get started.

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Seamlessly Virtualize Healthcare

Virtual care is one of the biggest opportunities to infuse technology into healthcare today and in the future. This single handedly underscores the value that our collaboration with InTouch will deliver to our clients.

As health systems focus on becoming more customer-centric, the integration and delivery of telehealth and virtual care is more important now than ever.