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Personalize Care With Effective Engagement

Patients who take control over their healthcare and lifestyle choices lead healthier, more productive lives. We can help you create an effective patient engagement strategy to strengthen relationships, meet meaningful use criteria and improve patient outcomes. We are a longtime leader in healthcare IT, and we have witnessed physicians and health systems make important strides in patient engagement as part of their effort to meet Meaningful Use criteria. We can help you take the next logical steps — incorporating effective engagement strategies to improve patient outcomes and deepen the bonds with patient communities.

We offer care coordination and health coaching tools to help you work with patient populations to modify behaviors for better outcomes. This can help you succeed with ACOs, Chronic Care Management, and risk-based reimbursement models. And with a deep understanding of healthcare, social media and relationship management, we can help you create a plan and put all the pieces in place to benefit both your patients and your organization.

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Don’t Let Patients Lose Their Patience

New Forrester research reveals that 55 percent of adults in the U.S. will likely give up on a transaction if they can’t find quick resolution. This is especially problematic in healthcare, where there’s a wide disparity in the patient scheduling experience. Here’s what you should know.


Benefit Patients and Providers

Provide a quality experience for patients and providers across all touch points. We can help you coordinate care, define the best engagement strategies, improve patient outcomes and create lasting relationships within your community.


A quality experience for patients and providers, across all touch points


Patient convenience and satisfaction and improve education and coaching


Engage with your patient community, provide appropriate care planning

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NTT DATA and InTouch Health deliver an industry-leading telehealh platform combined with seamless data integration and proven end-to-end services.


Our Services

Customer Relationship Management

We can help you design and implement a customized patient relationship management system that helps you know and respect your patients’ individual needs and the needs of their families.

Nucleus for Healthcare

Align your transformative digital initiatives along the healthcare value chain while focusing on outcomes.

Patient Engagement Program Design

We can help you design and implement a program that provides a seamless experience of respect, listening and caring that increases the bonds and improves patient health.

Population Health & Value-Based Care Management

Population health analytics and value-based care management can help better engage with patient community and provide appropriate care planning and support.

Telehealth Solutions and Services

Our industry-leading virtual care platform delivers seamless integration and streamlined communication between technical experts and clinical and business stakeholders.


With deep understanding of healthcare, social media and relationship management, our team can help you create a plan for effective patient engagement.