Interoperability and Integration

Integrate your data for better outcomes and success with risk-based contracts

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Healthcare is moving swiftly toward adoption of risk-based contract models. To succeed in this new environment, your organization needs to share data for clinical collaboration, aggregate data for a complete view of the patient record and integrate data for population health management, financial risk management and predictive analytics.

Learn about our comprehensive services for designing, planning, managing, implementing and supporting your project.

We can help

Readily accessible patient information

Enhanced clinical insights and data supported decisions

Seamless connection between providers and consumers

Proactive identification of health risks

Our solutions:

Collaborative Integration Services
Our experts can work side by side with your team to develop a collaborative strategy to help you better integrate new technology and data streams. We provide consultation and augment staff and skills where needed, allowing your team to grow their integration skills, while ensuring they have the expertise and resources to quickly complete the project. You decide what services you need, and we design a custom offering to meet your requirements.
Comprehensive Integration Services
A turnkey service that puts your project in the hands of our team of data scientists, clinicians, integration experts and project managers to design, plan and implement your project. This leaves and your staff free to work on other important projects.