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The Expertise and Technology to Build Success 

As the healthcare industry moves aggressively toward outcome-based reimbursement, all healthcare entities need to remodel their operations to focus on affordable, effective and accessible service delivery. You will need to develop strategies to become more cost efficient and more collaborative and to meet the security challenges of ever-evolving threats to your systems and data. It’s important to find new ways to efficiently manage people, processes and technology to deliver integrated and effective care as well as efficient business services.

Your organization also must be able to adapt to new regulatory requirements and to rationalize and integrate systems in the wake of mergers and acquisitions or consolidation of payers and providers. Strategic thinking about the application of new technology — such as remotely provided services and cloud architectures — can be important to controlling costs and optimizing IT value. Without a strategic approach, organizations run the risk of investing in solutions that neither integrate well with their enterprise nor optimize business value.

Align Your Systems With Your Business Goals

Design successful strategies and tactical plans that are fully aligned with your mission and business goals.


Governance structures that ensure effective use of data and technology


Boost overall efficiency, productivity and institutional effectiveness


Collaborate in ways that enhance data access and increase data security

Our Services

Enterprise Architecture

Design an information management architecture that gives you the flexibility to meet new technology challenges while getting the most value from legacy investments.

Healthcare Information Security

We help ensure the integrity and security of electronic health records, enable timely access to accurate medical data and ensure HIPAA compliance.

IT Rationalization & Optimization

We help you integrate new businesses and rationalize legacy systems with a step-by-step plan for a smooth transition that minimizes disruption.

Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Support

Develop and execute plans to combine information processing capabilities and rationalize disparate systems during system acquisition and merger activities.

Project & Interim Leadership

Our IT management services can provide expert leaders to oversee complex IT planning or infrastructure projects to help you stay on pace and under budget.

Strategic Planning, Governance & Compliance

We help you create flexible, dynamic plans that align with your mission and goals as well as anticipate future conditions.

We help you create governance structures that ensure effective use of data and technology, build strategic plans, boost your productivity and develop collaboration tactics.