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Why RPA Matters in Digitized Contracts

To satisfy providers, today’s health plans face constant pressure to complete contracts on time with 100 percent accuracy. Here’s how one company use Robotic Process Automation to get the job done.


A Streamlined, Flexible Data Management Solution

The focus is shifting from not only increasing the quality of provider network data, but to the effective use of the provider information to reduce the overall cost of care. Through internal business process expertise coupled with strategic alliances, we provide a streamlined, flexible, and scalable approach for provider contract support, provider credentialing, provider data maintenance, and provider network analytics. Our solutions for integration, workflow management and robotic process automation allow provider information to flow easily from the contract into the credentialing process.

Provider Data Management solutions manage the output from any provider data point separately as a single source of truth. Our solutions also include reference file mapping, such as mapping to lines of business, reimbursement structures, networks and specialties. You can use this dynamic source both upstream (for re-credentialing or contract updates) and downstream (for claims processing, provider directory publishing, reporting and analytics). Let’s start the conversation.

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Our Services

Contract Support

Make provider contract data entry a low-cost commodity by using global delivery teams with experience and knowledge in provider contracting.


Maximize the value of your credentialing process by eliminating manual steps through automated workflows and a user-friendly interface.

Data Maintenance

Automate workflows to develop a proactive cadence for updating provider records and ensure consistent application of business rules across an integrated platform.

Network Analytics

Enable a 360-degree view of providers to meet shared savings goals by monitoring contracted payments, utilization patterns, referral patterns and quality.