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Rethink IT to support personal learning

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Elevate student success through new IT delivery approaches

For districts all over the country, personalized learning is driving education. When students, teachers and technology work together, students can approach learning with renewed curiosity and sharpened problem-solving skills. IT plays a critical role in this new world.

But those rewards do not come without challenges. With 1 x 1 initiatives taking hold, you may lack the necessary bandwidth and IT infrastructure to support a large number of users. Older buildings can make tech deployments more challenging – this at a time when computer labs and BYOD programs demand even more from your infrastructure. Add to it a shift to electronic textbooks and online exams, computer and device reliability is more important than ever.

That’s why K-12 organizations are turning trusted partners to manage new digital endeavors and existing infrastructure support. We work closely with your district to deliver solutions and thought leadership that drive successful personalized learning strategies.

We can help you


Transform the K-12 experience to meet education goals


Meet classroom needs without compromising budget demands


Embrace new learning environments and foster personalized learning

Transform the learning experience

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your modernization needs. Together we help you meet educational requirements in a fast-paced environment – and ultimately empower students and teachers to work together toward common educational goals.

Create a connected campus

Enable students to succeed both in and out of the classroom. See how you can develop and maintain applications across platforms and products, maintain legacy systems and address today’s K-12 mobile application needs.

Save money and boost capabilities

Reap the benefits of the cloud, including flexibility, operational agility and cost savings. From email and data storage to enterprise planning, we will help you assess, plan and execute a K-12 cloud strategy that matches your needs to the best-suited approach.

Reap the benefits of digital

Innovate and transform through comprehensive, K-12 focused digital services. Our cloud, mobility, social media and analytics help you meet today’s student, parent and employee expectations – ultimately driving education success.

Get more from your resources

Managed IT services help you achieve the right levels of performance so you can make energy-smart decisions fast. Benefit from access to world-class expertise, tools, automation, best practices and industry-leading processes.