Customer Centric Banking

Put the focus on customers, not products

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NTT DATA can help you become more customer-centric by adopting a customer-focused, rather than a product-focused, approach to product management and pricing. Move these functions outside the core banking application/system and integrate it into all of your lines of business. And use initiatives such as point-based rewards programs and relationship-based pricing to attract and retain new customers.

Our customer-centric banking services can also help you:

  • Measure which product lines are performing better due to rewards programs
  • Determine which programs need to be discontinued
  • Optimize the impact of customer-centric initiatives on customer retention and behavior
  • Establish the optimal price point to retain customers while maintaining profitability
  • Verify whether bank rewards programs are resonating with customers and enticing them to do more business with you.

From enterprise billing to pan-bank rewards to online catalog redemption services, we help you become laser-focused on your customers

Our solutions:

Enterprise Billing
Enterprise billing creates deeper engagement and increased loyalty with wholesale and retail banking customers. But the sophisticated pricing structure can overwhelm manual processes, leading to costly operations and loss of fees. When customer’s actual usage falls short of your volume-based discounts, can you detect and respond quickly?

NTT DATA Services automates processes across the customer relationship lifecycle, from sales enablement and onboarding, to transaction capture, billing and recovery. 

At the same time, our solution helps you meet the compliance and auditability required by Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulations.

  • Customer Analytics for Banks
  • Optimize the impact of your customer-centric initiatives.
  • Variable, relationship-based pricing solutions drive stronger customer relationships with flexible enterprise billing for wholesale/corporate banking.
Pan-Bank Rewards and Enterprise Loyalty

Many banks strengthen customer loyalty and product adoption with points programs, relationship packages and recognition programs. The most effective strategies communicate with customers through their chosen media, encourage a broad range of positive behaviors and send the message that your organization wants to build relationships, not push products. 

NTT DATA Pan-Bank Rewards puts you in full control of the selection, duration and pricing of your promotions so you can:

  • Align to business objectives
  • Increase effectiveness with targeted campaigns
  • Generate meaningful feedback through action-oriented promotions
  • Reinforce customer behavior with high-value reward redemption
Relationship-Based Pricing for Customer Loyalty

Create personalized, multiproduct relationships with your customers to increase cross selling as you improve retention. Your customers will participate eagerly in a value-based exchange in which they share information in return for compelling, relationship-based products and services. You reap a rich database of customer transactions that you can use to innovate offerings and build loyalty. 

To win the competition for customers, you must view customers holistically - tracking, understanding and rewarding the customer's total contribution consistently throughout your organization.

Our partner-based software solution helps you to deliver true customer-level pricing that accurately reflects the customer behavior and their enterprise relationship without adding operational complexity. We also help you to:

  • Stimulate product innovation
  • Drive sales
  • Reverse revenue leakage
Reshape Core Retail, Payments and Cards