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The CFO Imperative

Read how Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) can partner with technology to achieve business growth, manage risk and streamline operations. The CFO Imperative is a set of thought-provoking papers brought to you by NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services and Knowledge@Wharton – the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Read Now: “Leveraging Cloud Solutions to Drive Growth”“Managing Risks Arising from Technology” and “Next-Gen Technology Drives Cost Optimization

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How CFOs can leverage the cloud to foster business growth?

The fast pace of digital disruption demands that CFOs must respond swiftly to changing business needs. But often, the need for huge capital in technology, the anormous manpower investments and high obscelance rate compels the CFOs to inadvertently slow down. In the paper titled, “Leveraging the Cloud for business innovation and Growth”, experts from NTT DATA Services Cloud Services and Wharton faculty deliberate on the use of cloud services for many companies seeking increased agility, speed to market and faster transition during mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.

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How CFOs can use next-Gen Technology to Drive Cost Optimization?

In the age of digital disruption, a perennial challenge for CFOs is finding the right balance between spending and investing without hampering productivity and competitiveness. In the paper titled, “Next-Gen Technology Drives Cost Optimization”, experts from NTT DATA Services and Wharton faculty deliberate on the use of next-generation technology such as machine learning as a critical  part of the cost optimization strategies, which will ensure investments are maximized for long-term growth and profits. 

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How technology helps CFOs to manage business risks?

As we accelerate to a digital era, businesses will continue to become more complex and interconnected. It’s now imperative for CFOs to address risks arising from technology as a single incident of cyberattack can inflict massive damage to a company’s reputation and significantly erode market value. In the paper titled, “Managing Risks Arising from Technology”, experts from NTT DATA Services Security Services and Wharton faculty provide a perspective on the downstream effect of security challenges and how CFOs can minimize its impact.

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