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For modernization projects, our reputation and expertise are unmatched. Our modernization and migration services harness the full potential of your business applications, ensuring that aging and costly legacy applications are no longer barriers to innovation and growth. Offering a simplified approach, our modernization process is secure, reliable, and future-ready, while protecting IP, cutting costs and increasing agility.

Building on our proven track record and extensive partnerships across commercial and government customers, we are more than ready to accelerate modernization. From planning to execution, our incremental approach to continuous digital transformation will avoid disruption and ensure a comprehensive strategy. We know modernization, and we are ready to be your partner, for every step of the journey.

Our modernization process is secure, reliable, and future-ready.

Soar Into the Cloud

We are a recognized leader in global technology services. In fact, NTT DATA is one of the highest rated companies according to Forrester’s 26-point evaluation to determine the most significant providers across application modernization and migration. Our proven framework facilitates comprehensive modernization today, but is ready for the challenges of tomorrow. By engaging emerging technologies, we can easily update outdated systems, while also keeping you one step ahead by anticipating future challenges.

We have the right vendor access, industry insights, and innovative solutions to easily and securely accelerate to the cloud. We offer strong relationships with all the major FedRAMP-compliant cloud vendors, colocation providers and maintain the highest levels of partnerships with Microsoft, AWS and Google. In addition, we have developed a simple, streamlined, and effective game plan to quickly enable and scale hybrid cloud services, thoughtfully accelerating the modernization journey and carefully avoiding disruptions.

Your Wingman for Modern IT

We are well-equipped to provide comprehensive IT services and give you the air cover you need as your modernization partner. In fact, over the last 20 years, we’ve partnered with the United States Air Force for modernization solutions to reduce costs, improve agility and ensure full mission readiness of its bases around the world.

Our partnership has accelerated platform modernization, transformed systems and eliminated legacy mainframes. Our technical leadership enabled seamless transitions to more effective and modern solutions for the USAF, and there are even more improvements on the horizon. Discover the full potential of your business applications through modernization.