Navigate an Ambitious New World

Every day, we wake up to a more digital world. Technology is rapidly changing the things we do at work, at home and everywhere in between. At NTT DATA, we’ve identified six key digital focus areas to address your most pressing challenges and to accelerate your digital journey. Because these focus areas are interconnected, the full potential of digital is realized when they work together. How are these technology areas shaping the future?

Watch our video series “Wake Up 2” to better understand our focus areas in a futuristic, engaging storyline in which protagonist Adam and his AI assistant Entity work together in all aspects of his life. Entity also plays a starring role in a new industry-specific series exploring the ways technology will awaken a new era of collaboration, caring and trust. It all leads to a seamless relationship between people, technology and the world we share.

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Wake Up to a New World

We’re proud to announce a new video series that spotlights five industries and explores the ways exponential technologies will transform the telecom, insurance, healthcare, automotive manufacturing and banking landscapes.

These are a natural extension of our "Wake Up” and “Wake Up 2 “series, where we are inspired to see the power of technology as protagonist Adam finds himself navigating to a new world, and later takes on a key role in his company with the help of Entity, his AI interface. Watch and you, too, will awaken the power of digital in the industry you work in.

Industries of Change

Digital is driving industries of all kinds in powerful new directions—our new industry-focused video series will kindle your awareness in what those industries will look like when the power of transformative technologies work together to make a better workplace, and a better world.

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NTT DATA’s Robb Rasmussen introduces you to the Wake Up 2 video series