Say Hello to the Future

IT modernization is critical for your agency’s future, but how do you find an approach that meets your needs? While the path to modernization may seem daunting, careful strategy and planning can help agency leaders build a government of the future.

Using one or more modernization approaches can equip you to move away from mainframes, end-of-life infrastructure and outdated code and take full advantage of today’s technology advancements. Our e-book explores different modernization approaches to help your agency build the strategy you need.

Vintage image of women waving good-bye

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to resource talent gaps by moving to new technologies
  • Why retiring mainframes and outdated applications can reduce operations costs and security risks
  • How to rehosting workloads in the cloud to take advantage of higher uptime, lower maintenance and labor savings
  • Why rewriting code can allow organizations to leave the mainframe behind
  • Why re-architecting, or refactoring, can retain the best features of the original application

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