Securing a Resilient Enterprise

Cybercriminals are aggressively exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic with phishing, malware and ransomware attacks that place clients and their stakeholders at risk. We fight back by adopting Zero Trust principles, which require verification of anything and everything that attempts to connect to client systems.

Our pre-packaged cybersecurity services are ready to help develop, implement and manage a secure and resilient enterprise. Our Zero Trust assessment can quantify your organization’s security maturity in a matter of weeks. For Konica Minolta Business Solutions, we tested devices for security vulnerabilities 60 days faster than they could handle the task themselves.

Cybersecurity Accelerators

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Prevent unwanted access to data and systems


Identify, analyze and remediate suspicious activity


Eliminate vulnerabilities before deployments

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Improve quality and security throughout the app lifecycle

Threat Detection and Response

Strengthen your security posture with integrated, real-time, analytics-driven threat management

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During an era when employees are collaborating anytime and from anywhere, a Zero Trust model is your best defense and narrows your attack surface.


We are here to help you develop, implement and manage a resilient enterprise.

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It’s Time for Zero Trust

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to dupe potential victims through phishing, malware and ransomware attacks. This opportunity is driving a fundamental shift in security strategies.


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Global Threat Intelligence Report 2021

Understand the latest trends and the impact of threats against global organizations in this report, which is based on data gathered by NTT Group companies.

Global Threat Intelligence Report
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