Out With the Old, In With the New

The old ways of communicating, processing and securing information are no longer an option. Step into the future with secure, scalable, accessible IT.

NTT DATA and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are empowering the digital government of the future by improving IT applications and systems.

Our modernization and migration solutions harness the full potential of your applications, ensuring the aging and costly legacy applications and infrastructure are not barriers to innovation.

We can help improve customer service and reduce costs with our Modernization and Migration Services.

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Say Goodbye to Legacy Systems and Applications

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The Technology Modernization Fund and the America Rescue Plan allocates over $1 billion for modernization projects. NTT DATA can help government agencies overcome their challenges in adopting cloud, heightening security and transforming enterprise technology.

Our eBook evaluates the risks and rewards of modernization and gives new insights and solutions to the challenges unique to government.


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Modernization Matters

It’s time to move one from government mainframes. Modernization requires careful consideration because a mission critical mainframe must do its work as new systems are put into place.

That’s why we developed Unikix™, our mainframe application rehosting solution.

As one of only a handful of companies to achieve Mainframe Competency with AWS, we know that facilitating migration to the cloud provides your organization with elasticity, security, flexibility and savings.

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NTT DATA’s mainframe migration plan is forecast to result in $37 million savings over the next four years with an ongoing savings of more than $10 million. If the state takes no action, mainframe costs would reach $62 million over the next four years or more than $16 million annually.

Shawnzia Thomas, State of Georgia CIO