Today’s life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are changing rapidly, and digital transformation is crucial to meeting new expectations. The integration of legacy systems, IoT, new product development, and collaboration will be key ways in in achieving business outcome. Our digital solutions will get you there. A recognized leader in digital transformation services, NTT DATA is the ideal partner for your journey, no matter where you are. We can help you optimize your operations with ongoing managed services to maintain, change, monitor and operate the digital business.

And that’s just the start. We can help you in cloud migration endeavors. Together we can design, transform and build lightweight, API-led, microservices-based architectures using modern digital platforms and continuous integration. We also have expertise in data intelligence and automation including the design, scale and operationalization of unstructured and structured data. And NTT DATA’s Digital Services have been a key to our clients’ success across the globe—and for life sciences companies like yours, will help you step into the future.

A Prescription for M&A Success

There’s no slowing the M&A juggernaut. Life sciences companies
would do well to pay close attention to TSAs and take advantage
of an SI partner early on (during deal-discussion), so they
can assess and plan for the current and future technology
layout and provide the right advice and support.
It’s too important to do it alone.


Integrate Diverse Data Sources to Drive Actionable Insights

Data ingestion, integration and transformation across the life sciences value chain supports therapeutic effectiveness and predicts patient population for trial design, fulfilling post-marketing requirements and safety surveillance.


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Is Supply Chain Holding You Back?

Friction is a stumbling block to the success of any business. How can precision medicine – already a special breed in pharma and biotech – benefit from rethinking the supply chain process? Finding the friction requires understanding the process from the view of internal and external customers


Can the Triple Aim Evolve Faster?

Yes, it can! Imagine a collaborative platform where a patient is prescribed a new medication and then able to communicate with the pharmaceutical provider, discuss side effects in real-time with other users and makes follow up appointments with their provider. But If systems aren’t designed to easily interact with one another or share data with outside platforms, it presents a roadblock.


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Meet Your Traceability Deadlines

There’s a major deadline looming: as of November 2018, the U.S Food and Drug Administration is enforcing the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, which requires a product identifier on all prescription drug packaging. This regulation combats drug counterfeiting, which can represent as much as much as 40 percent of supply in some countries. In a survey of over 600 pharma companies, manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, and logistic-providers, only 33 percent were confident they would meet the November 2018 deadline.

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We Are Industry Leaders

Our leadership in the Life Sciences industry is acknowledged by leading analysts firms.


Major Contender, Life Sciences Digital IT & Application Services, 2017, 2018



Major Contender, Life Sciences Digital Services 2019


Industry 4.0 in Life Sciences: A “5C” Point of View

Determining your organization’s maturity in digital manufacturing operations takes a structured approach. It starts with assessing capabilities based on agility and capacity to produce and utilize meaningful insights. Our 5C approach addresses connectivity, concurrency, coordination, collaboration and conformity.

Digital Services

Application Development & Modernization

Develop and maintain applications for open source, mainframe and other platforms and simplify your environment to leverage cloud, mobility and virtualization.


Application Management

Get a streamlined, modern and insights-driven application portfolio while automating your processes.


Digital Experience

Reimagine the customer experience through unique journey mapping solutions and rapid prototyping.


Dynamic Workplace

Meet changing user expectations and empower your workforce by leveraging our proven user experience focus.


Intelligent Automation

From design to delivery, our secure automation ecosystem combines in-depth process expertise with proprietary machine learning and cognitive intelligence systems to set you up for success.


Data Intelligence & Automation

Reinvent your business model by turning data into intelligence and using integration, automation and AI-led technology to deliver true business outcomes.


Intelligent Network Services

Simplify, standardize and modernize your network environment with our Intelligent Network Services and meet the growing demands of your digital business.


IoT - Internet of Things

Provide end-to-end IoT solutions and leverage existing equipment and data to make the most of your technology investments.


Security Services

Build, integrate or modernize your security infrastructure to keep your business running efficiently, effectively and affordably.