Meet the Healthcare Game Changers

We’re committed to helping you shape the future of healthcare with a few game changers of our own.

Karen Way headshot
Karen Way Managing Director

Renovating an 1860s New Hampshire farmhouse and 21st century healthcare data management systems might be entirely different efforts, but they require similar approaches. Explore how Karen Way, NTT DATA Services managing director for health plan data and intelligence, is an expert in both.


game changer dan kinsey image
Dan Kinsey

Fly fishing is a sport that requires true craftsmanship, patience and the ability to adapt based on the environment. Delivering healthcare solutions successfully with a consumer-first approach is not much different. Meet NTT DATA Services Strategy and Innovation Vice President, Dan Kinsey. 


Malleshwara Gotluru headshot
Malleshwara Gotluru

Malleswara Gotluru saw a future beyond the family grocery store business. Now several NTT DATA clients are benefiting from the life detour a 12-year-old boy in southern India chose to follow.


Lisa Woodley game changer pic
Lisa Woodley Vice President of Customer Experience

For Lisa Woodley, there are no obstacles—only opportunities. A deep thinker, puzzle solver and dreamer, her job as NTT DATA Services vice president of customer experience allows her to achieve results for her clients with style, grace and a lot of heart.


consultant gina fields game changer
Gina Fields Director and Innovation Ambassador

Gina Fields works as our director and innovation ambassador in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Client Engagement Program. She has more than 20 years of experience, first as a nurse and now as a leader. Long before this success, she lived a childhood wrought with challenges. But she took the cards life dealt and transformed herself – and the community around her. Fortunately for NTT DATA Services, she helps us and the clients we serve.


game changer consultant pic Joey Dean
Joey Dean Innovation and Transformation Leader

Soccer is known around as the world as “The Beautiful Game.” And for a soccer team to win, individual members must be unified and seek the same goal. That’s no different than healthcare—teams must must be guided by a coach and a leader who is both innovative and transformative. For consultant Joey Dean, what better way to hone these skills than by coaching a team of refugees?


Madhava Devarapalli consultant pic
Madhava Devarapalli Client Executive

Growing up in southern India, Madhava Devarapalli began forging his worldview. Recognizing the world as a global society, he saw equal opportunity for teaching and learning. He grew into his professional life as a client executive with an interdependent mindset—a mindset that continues to impact his client focus.


Vald Savchenkov
Vlad Savchenkov Field Services Technical Leader

Vlad Savchenkov is a field services technical leader, working with our client, a leading pharmaceutical company that specializes in finding treatments for rare diseases. Vlad grew up in Russia and graduated from college in 2012. At just 27 years old, he already has extensive experience supporting this changing industry.


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