Automation has evolved from rule-based, repetitive tasks to complex challenging tasks that require cognitive decision making and advanced analytical capabilities. While organizations are racing to adopt robotic process automation to improve process efficiencies with a fair amount of success, it’s only with the addition of cognitive and analytical capabilities that automation efforts will yield true value.

This approach will not only enable you to run leaner and more efficient operations across the enterprise but also boost straight-through processing, improve enterprise-level productivity and transform the organization, giving you a competitive edge to pass along those transformational delights to your customers.

Learn about the automation platform that can assist decision-making at a business level.

Tanvir Khan President, Business Process Outsourcing,  NTT DATA Services

“Our automation value chain comprises tactical, strategic and transformation automation. These can automate simple, repetitive and laborious tasks, or automate tasks that require perception and discernment, and even highly complex, abstract and composite tasks that cannot be done by humans alone.”

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AI Builds the Self-Driving Business

How can your business accelerate growth with confidence? Dhurai Ganesan and Dr. Harsh Vinayak explore intelligent processes and systems that can result in self-driving models. These models can run autonomously and can even make business decisions independently.


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