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Data is in our DNA, and that makes us the right partner to modernize data—your most valuable business asset—so you can act quickly and decisively. Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, is a Snowflake Elite Consulting Partner. We’re uniquely qualified to help mobilize data that includes your partners and third-party sources and improve data accessibility, security and customer insights—all with near-zero maintenance.

Accelerate digital enablement by leveraging our proven business solutions, robust accelerators and deep industry and technical expertise. We help you design, architect, build, migrate and manage data applications on your journey to an optimized cloud. Our industry experts help strategize and identify use cases based on your business challenges, performance objectives and investment roadmap. See why we’re a powerhouse for Snowflake solutions.

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Transform Your Data Architecture Through the Cloud

Learn how a worldwide manufacturing and industrial machinery company used Snowflake to improve its data platform's speed, scale and sustainability. And that led to data delivery that was faster and more efficient for a better response to changing business needs.


Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, is the #1 Snowflake content partner globally two years running and winner of the Snowflake Ski Lift award.

Our Services

Snowflake AI/ML and Data Science Enablement

Prep, build and deploy datasets, pipelines, and models across an end-to-end data flow to solve the most challenging AI/ML business problems in the cloud.

Snowflake Benchmark Analysis

Find out how Snowflake compares to other cloud data platforms with your personal dataset, workloads preferences, tools, and typical access patterns.

Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Design and build core data workloads and data services taking advantage of native elasticity, scalability, and security.

Snowflake Data Applications Development

Create and develop modern data applications that use cloud-native capabilities and approaches for impactful time to market and ongoing reliability.

Snowflake Data Architecture, Design & Engineering

Leverage the experience of hundreds of Snowflake projects to collaborate and assist in cloud data architecture and engineering best practices and hands-on delivery.

Snowflake Data Governance & Security

Discover, categorize, observe, secure, and manage data to provide usability, proactive remedies, full visibility, data quality, and trust.

Snowflake Data Integration & Transformation

Select, connect, move, consolidate and prepare your data in Snowflake with a range of technologies, tools, and approaches that maximize speed to impact.

Snowflake Data Sharing & Monetization

Use, share and monetize your data in a variety of ways to facilitate growth and revenue opportunities with net new data products and services.

Snowflake Data to Cloud Migration

Establish and execute a tailored migration strategy and approach including assessment, analysis, validation, and migration engineering for cloud-based, actionable analytics, reporting, BI and other key workloads.

Snowflake Data to Cloud Modernization

Adopt modern design principles such as simplicity, speed and sustainability while delivering a modern approach to data products and services.

Snowflake DataOps & DevOps Automation

Produce usable, trusted datasets by building, testing and deploying with proven software engineering approaches, best practices and capabilities.

Snowflake Training & Enablement

Get to know Snowflake through interactive, hands-on enablement and training sessions that focus on key usability features and best practices to make the most of your Snowflake environment.

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Snowflake Data Cloud for Healthcare

Harness the power of data analytics, automation and AI to personalize healthcare delivery. Find out how Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, joins forces with Snowflake to help you deliver deeply personalized and secure patient experiences.


Accelerate innovation with tailored, customer-focused data products and services for healthcare and life sciences, financial services and manufacturing.