Amplify Your Data by Migrating and Modernizing Your Architecture

Organizations today generate petaflops of data every single day. Add to it the business complexities around security, regulations and scalability, and you have a serious problem on your hands. On the other hand, great data allows you to forecast, enables informed decisions, improves customer experiences and increases process efficiencies. But the reality is only about 10% of organizations believe they can transform their business through data. Modernizing your data architecture increases the value of your data in terms of speed and quality.

And it also boosts your business in terms of agility and profitability. We can help you assess and modernize your existing data ecosystem to meet the needs of your ever-evolving business model. With “data” in our name, we are equipped to help you effectively adopt automation, drive AI, move to the cloud and successfully align with new digital technologies. Let’s work together to help you get the most from your data.

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Five Key Snowflake Customer Metrics

Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, polled its large customer base to get a sense of how Snowflake is being used in terms of adoption rates, cost and how it’s being used. The results, outlined in this blog post, may surprise you.


Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, is the #1 Snowflake content partner globally 2 years running and winner of the Snowflake Ski Lift award.

Our Services

Data Infrastructure

Implement and optimize your data fabric and data cloud.

Data Management & Security

Manage the availability, usability, integrity and security and governance of data used in your enterprise.

Data Orchestration and Integration

Collect, clean, reconcile and consolidate data for optimal storage, analysis and integration.

Snowflake Migration

Leverage our global elite Snowflake partnership and experts from Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, to migrate from Netezza, Teradata, Exadata, SAP, BW, Hadoop and traditional platforms.

Strategy & Design

Assess and design a modern data architecture that works for your business.

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Schedule a Free Cloud Data Migration Workshop

This interactive, two-hour workshop will help map your organization’s digital transformation journey to the cloud with insights, perspectives and facilitated collaboration that will accelerate desired outcomes.


Unleash the potential of your data to drive competitive advantage and growth with our Data Architecture Modernization Services, Powered by Nucleus.

Data Architecture Modernization