Optimize Your Business With Valuable Data Insights and AI

Digital business requires speed and agility. A modern data architecture and intelligence you can rely on transforms the way you do business today and prepares you for tomorrow. Prioritizing analytics and data science solutions early on and as a core part of your digital strategy can help you navigate through times of unprecedented uncertainty and provide the confidence to weather a storm. Valuable data serves as your true north.

Making an investment in analytics and AI capabilities is critical for being an intelligent enterprise, but where do you start? We can help you at any step in your journey; whether it’s time to establish fundamental business intelligence capabilities or take advantage of predictive analytics, machine learning or natural language processing capabilities. Data is in our name. See why we’re the right partner.

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Data is the currency driving a new world. Watch how our Accelerating Smart Platform turns data into decisions.


Everest Group ranked NTT DATA as a Leader in its Healthcare Analytics Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 report.

Our Services

Data Analytics Strategy & Design

Design your analytics strategy and identify the use cases and ROI based on business challenges, performance objectives and investment roadmap.

Analytics & AI Implementation and Operation

Implement, manage and optimize statistical, non-traditional machine learning and AI algorithms for predictive and prescriptive analytics, computer vision and Natural Language Processing.

Business Intelligence Implementation and Operation

Implement, manage and optimize descriptive and self-service analytics, reporting and visualizations to discover dark data and better understand business insights.

Data Architecture Modernization

Determine the best data architecture strategy and design and operate a modernized data fabric for optimal storage, security, integration and management.


Harness your data to reinvent your business model with our Data as an Asset Services, Powered by Nucleus.